Tips for shooting landscape images

Here are a few tips for shooting landscape photographs

– Use your aperture. Don’t go F/2.8 as you need your depth of field here, at f/8 – f/12 your lens is usually half open, giving you the best results and some good depth of field. You can go all the way to f/20 +; but then chances are big a lot of dust spots on your sensor will show, and you’ll have to probably use a tripod.And yes use a tripod as much as you can, but there will be places that are difficult to reach and plant one.

– Use filters on your lens, a polarizer on your lens is not the same as putting a gradient overlay in photoshop afterwards. Polarizers, neutral density and graduated filters can improve your shots a lot.

– Do it at the right time. Ideally you would have some time to explore your location and see when the light looks best, how and where the sun sets at a certain season, etc. While the golden and blue hours might be the nice looking hours, take a look in the morning as well.

– Shoot RAW, you will need to recover some details sooner than later, and you wish to control the contrast and shadows without heavy jpg compression already applied to the photographs. In 16bit mode you will also be able to push the limits and control the image’s luminosity a lot more than with a jpg.

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