Epic Christmas Split with Chuck Norris

After Jean-Claude Van Varenberg I mean Damme did his epic split between two Volvo trucks, it was only a matter of time before someone at the bar wanted to one-up-it, and well as you can see in this video the honor goes to Chuck Norris:

I can’t wait for Arnold to do the next thing between two space shuttles ! Great work of cgi, look at those flares at the end for the finishing touch … even the plane is smiling.

Screenshot of youtube’s video:


Why you should not sign up with a youtube network just like that. And maybe not at all.


At this point in 2013, the mess with multi channel networks has piled up so high it’s becoming clear they are a thing to avoid at this point, here are some reasons why, after dealing with several of them for one year and receiving roundabout 10 separate contract offers :

This does not count if you are one of the ‘managed’ top partners that obviously had good reasons to sign and sometimes make their videos more of an advertisement instead one of their own creations. (There is nothing wrong with product placements and video funding for a pro video,  just don’t sugar-coat it please, it makes me unsubscribe )

This goes to the regular and smaller guy starting out or having an increase of popularity being bombed by the ‘recruiters’ of ‘some networks’, this won’t apply to all, and I’m sure some of them really have good intentions and relationships, are funding future productions, getting great sponsorship deals etc, but a lot seem to be on an other boat.  Nevertheless, stories about Big Youtubers leaving their network unhappy are not hard to find. I’m sure the opposite is also true with some ‘smaller guys’ being very happy with their contract, but most stories I read are not.

–  Their standard monetization cut after youtube has taken their part is often unrealistic, who wants a higher CPM if the end total is less than what we already get ?

– Some of these networks seem to be willing to represent you via boys in their early 20’s. You can be capable of many things at that age for your own, but not that many when it comes down to representing someone else and his/her work, while the creator is at the same time forced into exclusivity. I was dealing with buy-outs and ad agencies when some of these so-called ‘account managers’ were still playing Pokemon, and now I need to sign some digital exclusivity draft  for them ?

–  The obliged minimal duration of the contracts they offer is often absurd.

–  There is absolutely no guarantee they will do anything for you, in fact, for a lot of channels, they do not seem to do a thing except of cluttering them together and see what their mutual obligations get them.

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D-day to victory extreme slow motion explosions footage

These days when everyone is motion blurring their action essentials footage, somebody at the BBC must have thought ” Let’s film the old days, like the old days, only with some super slow motion technology, and let’s blow it up, that would be swell ! “. The result is a pyrotechnician’s dream gone wild, resulting in beautiful footage.

You can even see the heat waves, and there is no turbulent displacement !